• Life After Cocaine Addiction: How To Get Your Brain Back
    2:36 PM

    Early recovery often feels like a blur.  You may be frustrated by your inability to recall important information, chronic forgetfulness, difficulty making decisions and other similar issues.  You may also be plagued with insomnia, and feel depressed and anxious.  While you are grateful to be clean and sober, you are tired of feeling dull and

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  • 8:26 AM

    The food we eat is more than just a means to find pleasure and feel sated.  We consume food in order to extract calories to have the energy we need to conduct our day to day work.  But also, we are supposed to extract the nutrients we need to repair our bodies, refresh our organs,

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  • 3 Simple Daily Tips for Healthy Looking Skin
    3:40 PM

    Aging gracefully is important but that doesn’t mean you have to embrace it early.  In fact, there is absolutely nothing wrong with living your life in a way that you postpone those signs of aging as long as absolutely possible.  This is particularly in terms of things like your skin and your hairline.   Indeed,

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