• Can we promote secretion of growth hormone?
    10:48 AM

    One way you can enhance the secretion of growth hormone is to ingest its injections. However, some people look for natural alternatives, and some of those might just work. The injections are expensive and can be only got by prescriptions. Our natural Somatotropin growth hormone produces in the pituitary gland and that locates in the

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  • India- Economical Place For Hair Transplant
    10:56 AM

    Hair fall leading to baldness is becoming more common these days, especially with men in their late twenties and early thirties. Apart from genetic or hereditary problem, the machinery lifestyle and unbalanced diet has increased hair loss. Constant pressure and stress at work also contributes to hair fall, and to add to the misery is

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  • Anavar dosages and their impact on human body
    11:01 AM

    Anavar is considered as an excellent supplement that would take on the best action for those who are quite high into body building. These are a kind of steroids which are not recommended to be sold openly because of their impact on the body. But for those who are concerned about their health are in

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