5 Natural Ways to Heal Immune System

5 Natural Ways to Heal Immune System

A low and weak immune system may invite various diseases that may be unfriendly to you. In the long run, the repeated illnesses will also disrupt yourbehavior pattern. Some of the most common illnesses due to lack of immunity are; cough, cold, migraines, headaches, skin infections and other respiratory issues.

It is therefore essential that you treat your immunity before getting treated for the above illnesses.

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5 Natural Ways to Heal Immune System

  1. Intake of Fruits:

There are some medicines, which will serve to be an alternative to l-cysteine hydrochloride powder. l-cysteine and other such medicines are helpful in treating the immune system. Increase the intake of fruits like Guavas, Oranges and Lemons. These contain good amount of Vitamin C and help as natural antioxidant. Fruits like Guavas contain good levels of fibers needed in the body.

  1. Red Veggies:

Red veggies like carrots, pumpkin and orange papayas are rich in beta carotene that protects immunity. Regular consumption of these veggies helps to boost your stamina and live a healthy life. Try to include a bowl of Papaya every morning in your breakfast and have 4 spoonful of carrots every night in your salad.

  1. Flaxseeds:

Flaxseed contains omega-3 fatty acid that is important in the response of the immune system of the body. The compounds present in these seeds help to boost the energy and fight back various diseases that may relapse in future if left untreated. You may need to check the consumption of flaxseeds by a skilled dietician or nutritionist.

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  1. Almonds:

Lowerlevel of Vitamin E may be blamed for lack of immunity. A handful of almonds early morning may help you to starve all day long with no weakness at all. These are more helpful if you soak them overnight and have it the next morning.

  1. Green Tea:

Consider Green tea as the best beverage in your morning breakfast. Green tea is loaded with rich antioxidants, called polyphenols and catechins. According to the research, Green tea also has the components that help to fight back influenza. It is best to consume green tea in a pure green form only and with no milk. Milk may bind certain ingredients and dismiss the ability to fight back influenza. Squeezing half a lemon and adding a spoonful of honeywill prove to be the best health drink for immunity.

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