Alternative Acne Scar Removal Treatments

Alternative Acne Scar Removal Treatments

Tissue loss and lack of collagen are the primary causes of skin scarring. After an injury to the skin, fibrous tissue are formed which later become scars. Scars when evident, just like acne can impair one’s self esteem. They differ in types, sizes and colours. Usually, removal of acne leaves a defect like a blemish. Atrophic scarring is the commonest and is a scar that creates a hole in the skin. Asian or African individuals often have this type of scar. Research has shown that all scar treatment methods only make the scars less visible. Some Scars are easy to treat while older scars require more invasive treatments, with Canada MedLaser, you can be rest assured of getting nothing but the best result.Image result for Alternative Acne Scar Removal Treatments

The laser blemish remover is a method most often used, and it blends the visibility of scars by diminishing its appearance. Surface scars can be removed by exposing the affected area to laser light. The kind of scar one has will determine the type of laser treatment to be employed.

The tendons, skin, cartilage and bones are the only parts of the body that contain the natural protein ‘collagen’. Collagen is said to be an efficient way of treating simple skin flaws and injection is the usual mode of administration. Due to the fact that collagen injections could have allergic reactions and sometimes complications, it should only be administered by licensed cosmetic surgeons.

Scar minimizing creams are the less invasive of all scar elimination treatments. The cream simply decreases the size and thickness of the scars, assists in easing the redness and itchiness on the scar lines, as well as recovers the elasticity of the scarred skin.

Despite the efficiency of scar creams and gels, various types of scar reduction sheets were introduced into the market. Hydro gel and silicone sheets are both water based. The scar sheets function by providing pressure which flattens the thick scar and softens and smoothes the scarred area. These sheets are made of both comfortable and highly flexible materials and are not only used for acne scars but can also be used on all scars like post-surgery scars. The main advantage of the scar sheet is that it can be used anywhere especially when the scarred area is hidden and if not, you can simply remove it and make use of the healing process in private.

Aloe Vera gel is also very safe to use, has natural lightening properties that minimize the visibility of scars,

You can simply choose the best method of scar treatments to suit your lifestyle from the variety of methods available, you can opt for; laser light scar treatment method,  scar creams and gels, scar sheet method or even the natural method.