Are Transdermal Cannabis Patches the Future for Pain Relief?

Are Transdermal Cannabis Patches the Future for Pain Relief?

`Cannabis has been at the focus for a great deal of research over the past few years, which has led to a number of new and innovative products entering the marketplace. Cannabis has been proven to help with pain relief, aswell as lessening anxiety and depression. One such product that is causing a bit of a stir are transdermal cannabis patches. So what are these patches, and how do they work?

Termed “Mary’s Transdermals”, the patches are attached to the skin and provide targeted pain relief to the affected area, aswell as pain relief throughout the body. Such is the products success, it won the “Most Innovative Product” at the CannaAwards. This shows how well the industry has taken to the product, and the potential benefits it could bring to its users.

How do the Transdermal Patches Work?

The transdermal patches work much like a nicotine patch for quitting smoking. They are basically adhesive patches attached to the skin. The patches once attached then begin to transfer their “medication” through the skin and into the blood stream of the patch wearer. In order to achieve the most benefit, it is advised that you wear the patches over an area of skin which you believe there are many veins to facilitate maximum absorption.3

Why does a patch have to be the preferred method you may ask? What about topical creams? Well, it is thought that creams are usually absorbed only by the very top layers of the skin, and will offer pain relief only to the area at which the cream was applied. Transdermal patches are different, as the medication transfers through every layer of the skin and enters the bloodstream. So, not only will the patch offer relief to the immediate area where the patch is located, it’s relief will be transferred throughout the body.

The transdermal patches are able to work over a longer period of time compared to topical creams. This means that you don’t have to keep reapplying the patch a few times a day. Although these patches are not new to the healthcare industry, using the patches for the purpose of cannabis medication is. It may be a great way for people who don’t want to smoke or vape cannabis to gain the therapeutic benefits from the substance.3

The transdermal patches are excellent for when it comes to dosage. For example, if you used edibles for cannabis, the edibles must be processed and absorbed in your stomach, which can take a long time to act. The transdermal patch bypasses this and delivers the cannabis direct to the blood.This means you don’t have to use as much cannabis. For example, researchers suggest a 10mg dosage through a patch is the same as the effect of an 80mg serving of cannabis through edibles. Eight times less! Many people who have used the patch say that they have not noticed anything when the patch is applied. But, what they do notice is the pain relief. Let’s hope we see greater advancements in the transdermal cannabis patch in the future.

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