Can we promote secretion of growth hormone?

Can we promote secretion of growth hormone?

One way you can enhance the secretion of growth hormone is to ingest its injections. However, some people look for natural alternatives, and some of those might just work. The injections are expensive and can be only got by prescriptions.

Our natural Somatotropin growth hormone produces in the pituitary gland and that locates in the brain. It is not a steroid and also works more than determining your height. It gives several processes in the body and that includes metabolism, cellular production, bone development and rejuvenation. However, promoting the secretion of growth hormone is common and you would know more about it in the details below.

How can you stimulate growth hormone?

There are differences between HGH cocktail injections and supplements. The injections given by doctors are synthesized through recombinant DNA methodologies. The drug is genetically engineered in a laboratory. One of these is known as Somatonorm and is considered similar to our natural HGH from the pituitary gland – they only have some molecular differences.

These synthetic productions of HGH are considered safe and come with similar biological effects on our body. However, their charges are high and probably only celebrities would know! You might have to spend thousands of dollars for HGH injections, depending on your dosage and brand. You might have to take them from months or years depending on your need.

Natural HGH production from Teens

There are several natural supplements in the market for stimulating your pituitary gland. They do work and don’t charge as much. For example, the charges can range anywhere from$30 a month to 100s of dollars. These would again differ in terms of brand, dosage and ingredients. Some natural ones like HGH Factor are safe to use and also legal to buy.

If you look for natural ingredients, you would come across products that actually work as effective as injections. However, they take longer to product similar benefits. When you try to learn what stimulates the release or how growth hormone secretion is released from pituitary gland, you should take time to research and compare the products.

The HGH is considered to be protein hormone made of 190 amino acids. These are produced, synthesized, and secreted by cells (somatotrophs) in our anterior lobe of pituitary gland. Several natural ingredients added to the supplement can enhance the secretions of growth hormone naturally.

Supplements that Promote Secretion

You need to know the effects of the drug before you understand how growth hormone can enhance height. The drug not only changes growth pattern but also reacts in metabolic processes in your body, and that includes metabolizing fat, proteins and carbohydrates. You must look for natural ingredients like, L-arginine, L-glutamine, L-isoleucine, L-lysine, L-tyrosine and L-valine.

These mentioned ingredients would support the level of protein synthesis, improve metabolism, muscle recovery and wound healing, they will provide chemicals required for neurotransmission and muscle growth. While promoting the secretion of growth hormone, you should also look for ingredients that promote growth of new tissues, maintain blood vessel health, and transport amino acids within muscle cells.