Clenbuterol Cuts Fat and Promotes Weight Loss but Maintains Lean Mass

Clenbuterol Cuts Fat and Promotes Weight Loss but Maintains Lean Mass

Top weight loss product preferred in bodybuilding society is Clenbuterol because it takes care of extra fat without deteriorating lean muscle mass. Fat is metabolized speedily, but Clen’s anti-catabolic effect protects muscle tissue from getting weak. Additional dietary supplements help bodybuilders and athletes to eliminate fat and gain an amazing body shape.

Weight loss with Clenbuterol

Clen was designed initially to treat chronic asthma. It even helps to increase metabolic activity. According to animal study, Clen has shown to cut down fat but enhance lean mass. However, there is still a need for extensive human study. Users of Clen have often reported fat loss.

Clen causes breakdown of triglycerides present in stored fat cells. The triglycerides convert into fatty acids. Clen is found to be thousand times more potent than synephrine or ephedrine with respect to beta-2 receptor agonist that causes increase in internal temperature, increased heart beat, and rapid blood circulation. Thus, more fat cells get broken down through the day even when you are not performing workouts.

With Clenbuterol blood oxygen level increases and bronchial tubes as well as airways open widely. With respect to weight loss, Clen gets absorbed in the body. It stimulates Beta-2 receptors. Thus, user’s metabolism level increases. Fat loss gets increased, but lean muscle mass is protected in the process.

Clen cycle for weight loss

Higher dosage indicates intense level of stimulation and metabolic rate. Thus, more and more calories in the body get melted rapidly. This does not imply that you need to use high Clen dosage for weight loss because this can trigger grave side effects.

For getting best results from Clen cycle start with low dosage of 20 mcg to 60mcg and very slowly move upwards to maximum 80 mcg to 120mcg.

Basically, duration of Clen cycle is 2 to 4 weeks. This is followed by 2 weeks Off-cycle.

Clenbuterol stack

Clenbuterol cycle’s cutting stack to burn fat will be comprised of –

Testosterone Propionate – 100 mg per week

Drostanolone Propionate – 400 mg per week

Trenbolone Acetate – 200 mg per week

T3 Cytomel – 100 mcg daily for 8 weeks

Clenbuterol needs to be taken in the first 2 weeks and last 4 weeks [5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th week].

Remember to avoid certain components in T3 cycle like L-Carnitine [amino acid] because T3 becomes less effective.

Clen burns stored fat and not muscle

Impact of weight loss on muscle tissue gets dampened with Clen. Energy consumed is redirected towards building or maintaining lean mass rather than storing them in fat cells.