Crowdfunding for Farmers

What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is a process by which you can get other people to donate money to your cause. This is done by using crowdfunding platforms. So how does this work? Let’s say you need 20,000 rupees for a cause and you cannot arrange for the entire money by yourself. You can put up an appeal on a crowdfunding platform asking people to donate money to you for the said cause.

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Now imagine that there are one hundred people who donate 200 rupees each to your cause. You do not even have to touch your savings! You have already raised the amount you need. Crowdfunding is therefore a way of leveraging the power of the crowd. Crowdfunding India is therefore, a very feasible process.

So how will you carry out this process? Impact Guru is the leading crowdfunding platform in India. We can help you write a plea for your specific cause and circulate it in social media effectively. Farmers in this country are often in debt when crops fail. Debt and exploitative moneylenders lead to many hundreds of farmer suicides in this country. Crowdfunding can be an effective way to pay off the debts of farmers.

However, getting farmers in touch with the tech-savvy crowd is the main challenge here. With Crowdfunding India, you need people like those in ImpactGuru who are in touch with rural realities as well as urban. Our crowdfunding platform can help in connecting this huge mass of farmers to the wealthy and middle class who have the disposable income required to donate to such causes.

This is not the only way crowdfunding can help farmers. Crowdfunding India is a golden opportunity to support farming in India. Much of our produce is agricultural in nature and helping those who produce this means that we are giving back to the economy in our own little way. Most farmers take small loans during plating season to buy seeds, fertilizers and so on. With the help of NGO crowdfunding, we can collect money from people with resources and redistribute these resources among poor farmers so that they do not have to depend on loans.

The collected money can then be channelised properly to farmers with the help of NGOs and other organizations who are willing to engage with us on this project. Crowdfunding can therefore be extremely useful for farmers if done right and with honesty. Thankfully, we at Impact Guru have both these qualities and our many medical crowdfunding and NGO crowdfunding projects prove that we are quite competent in taking up challenging tasks like these.

However, this is not the only way we can help farmers. If farmers are sinking in exploitative debts, they need to understand that borrowing money from moneylenders is not an option as it harms them more than it does good. This is where activists themselves, whom we have helped, can come in and spread awareness among farmers. Connecting with rural India therefore, is one of our major aims when it comes to crowdfunding for farmers.