Deer Antler Sprays and its Effects on IGF-1

Deer Antler Sprays and its Effects on IGF-1

Deer antler velvet is the common name in the field of athletic and sports industry. Deer antler velvet is a name that denotes the antler velvet that is obtained from the antlers of healthy and growing deer. This deer antler is known to be rich in calcium, magnesium, and zinc. It is also rich in amino acids which help in balancing iron levels. Deer antlers are available in the form of powders and sprays which are applied under the tongue. Since this spray contains IGF1 which is considered as the growth factor, it is used by many bulkers for muscle mass.

Antler Powders for Athletes

Since it is highly impossible for the drug tests to identify the existence of deer antler sprays, athletes use it for an increase in muscle mass. Also, there is a lesser chance of athletes getting failed in dope tests. Since it is available in the form of powders too, bulk deer antler powder is common in markets.

In general, these powders help in reduction of blood pressure in humans. It also increases the energy levels in the body and aids in winning the competition. Deer antler sprays also have anti-aging effects which make you look young. Apart from the advantages mentioned, it increases the flexibility of the muscles in the body. Athletes who use deer antler sprays will be able to perform heavy workload and recover from the tiredness within a shorter span of time. The testosterone level increases upon continuous usage of deer antler sprays. The IGF 1 is a type of hormone which helps in preventing the cell death in humans. This growth factor is not only present in human beings but also in animals. The childhood puberty also majorly depends on the content of IGF 1 in the body.

Benefits and Disadvantages

When an excess amount of IGF1 is consumed, it leads to side effects such as swelling, joint pains and undesirable growth of organs. These sprays are readily available online in the form of pills and sprays. Antler sprays have anti-aging properties which give a youthful appearance to athletes. It also benefits the users by recovering the muscle pain, reduction of inflammation, improving the sexual wellness and increasing the masculine effects in men. This is a lemon scented spray that acts as a performance enhancing element for athletes.

IGF 1 Facts

IGF 1 possesses similar properties to that of insulin. This is the key element which is responsible for the proper growing of organs. Improper growth in children, the deficient amount of IGF-1 results in childhood dwarfism. The lack of IGF 1 is affected by various factors such as growth hormone secretion, age, sex and nutritional status. IGF 1 not only helps in growth but also does a good job in reducing fatigue and showcasing lean muscle mass. Thus, if you are looking for a quicker way of increasing the level of IGH1 hormones in the body, then bulk deer antler powder which is available in the market does a good job for children and athletes.


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