Do’s And Don’ts When Preparing For Your Podiatry Treatment

Do’s And Don’ts When Preparing For Your Podiatry Treatment

Are you preparing for your podiatry treatment in Bondi Junction? Well, it should not be a stressful experience for you. Whether you are preparing for podiatry for tendinitis, foot ulcers, or plantar fasciitis, check out these few tips to help you prepare for your podiatry treatment.

Things To Do

Bring a list of your symptoms.

First off, you should make a list of your symptoms before you head to the podiatry office. Also, don’t hesitate to ask your Bondi Junction podiatry specialist some relevant questions.

Tell your doctor about your current medications.

Be sure to let your foot doctor about all medications that you are currently taking. Also, it’s important that your podiatrist is aware of the surgeries that you’ve been through.

Bring important medical records.

Gather and bring necessary medical records, X-ray, MRIs, and laboratory results from your other doctors or hospitals, especially records that have something to do with your feet.

Talk to your insurance provider.

It is also important to check with your insurance provider if referral is mandatory before you visit a foot specialist in Bondi Junction.

Bring your footwear.

If your issue is related to exercising or walking, it is advisable that you bring your walking or exercising footwear. Also, be sure to come dried feet so your doctor can closely examine your issue without odor and dirt.

Tell your doctor if you’re pregnant.

Whether you are already pregnant, or you have a plan to get pregnant, it is important that you let your podiatrist know.

Things You Shouldn’t Do

Get a pedicure.

Podiatrists don’t advise patients to get a pedicure prior to the treatment. It can cause bacterial and fungal infections. Also, they can make existing foot problems worse.

Shave your legs.

There’s no reason to get rid of those hair on your legs before your podiatry treatment, unless you feel comfortable with it. However, some podiatrists might want to see your leg hair’s growth pattern for diagnosis.

Paint your nails.

You don’t have to make your nail that presentable before your first visit to a podiatrist. Just like your leg hair’s growth pattern, your nail is also something that your podiatrist wants to diagnose for abnormalities.  Take note that nails can also be prone to fungal and bacterial infections.

Cut your toenails.

Both men and women are not advised to cut their nails before the first podiatry visit. Foot experts may need to have a sample from the patient’s toenail for lab testing, so it’s always best to leave enough amount of growth for diagnosis.

Podiatrists are foot specialists and they are after the overall health of our feet. There’s no reason to feel anxious and be scared. As long as you’re working with the right podiatrist, you can make sure that nothing goes wrong all throughout your first treatment.

Visit a trusted podiatrist in Bondi Junction and experience the best foot and ankle services and orthotic solutions Sydney for the overall wellness of your feet.