E liquid, the fluid which fuels E Cigarette

E liquid, the fluid which fuels E Cigarette

Basically the E liquid is something as the fluid that gets filled into the E cigarette these days. It is the one which consist of the nicotine solution and flavoring to the electronic cigarettes. It helps in creating vapor which you can exhale and mimics well traditional smoke from those of the analogue cigarettes. It comes in different flavors, the choices depends entirely on the smoker as which one they select. The top notch flavors are the nicotine one and few of them don’t even include nicotine.

The strength of the E liquid

These eliquid comes in different strength that counts as

  • None which is 0 mg nicotine
  • The extra light consist of the 6 mg nicotine
  • The light consist of the 12 mg nicotine
  • The regular one includes 18 mg nicotine
  • High one includes the 24 mg nicotine

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Such E liquid uses the base components for creating the tasteful flavor. It also include the base as the PG which is termed as the Propylene Glycol, the VG as the vegetable glycerin or even sometimes both. Most of them also consist of the mixture that includes the 70 per cent of the PG/ VG, 30 per cent to 50 per cent of the PG the 50 per cent of the VG or the combination of both artificial and natural flavors as the apple or vanilla that creates the satisfying or unique recipes. The PG is used as the flavoring carrier in few products and as the ingredient of food coloring. It is even used as the additive in some of the medicines. Thus, the combined base of the VG or PG blend makes the E liquid smoother and it also called as non-toxic.

The vegetable glycerin known as the VG is even thick, sweet or vegetable based liquid. The 100 per cent of the VG base is thick and hard for smoking effectively. The blend of the VG or PG is highly recommended. However the eliquid is known as ejuice and name as the solution which heaten up and gets converted to the aerosol and which users inhale. The nicotine is other ingredient find in these regular cigarettes and stimulates central nervous system, raises the blood pressure or heart rate. Although it is the additive but it doesn’t cause any cancer. So if you are the one who just love trying different flavors, then you must try your hands on its varied flavors that includes,

  • Cherry flavor
  • Cheesecake flavor
  • Cinnamon flavor
  • Tobacco flavor

It is impossible to list all these flavors as they are limitless in number. Many of the people around ask that are these E liquid completely safe for consumption. The answer is yes, it doesn’t causes any serious health issue. It is just the additional and modernized version of traditional smoke. It comes in different flavors which are made by different components. All of them are non-toxic, safe to use and causes no harm to person or his/her body.