Facilities Offered by the Best Toronto Drug Rehab Clinics

Facilities Offered by the Best Toronto Drug Rehab Clinics

Escaping an addiction to any substance will usually require professional assistance.  This is simply because the process of withdrawal is arduous.  Simply stopping the drug is not usually an option.  A successful withdrawal will require alternative drugs in a reducing dose until you are free of the drug.  This is why professional assistance is essential; you do not want to become addicted to the replacement drug!

Before starting treatment it is advisable to look at the different facilities that are offered by your preferred Toronto drug rehab clinic.

Treatment Plans

The first thing to establish is what treatment plans are on offer.  The traditional approach of replacement drugs is only one potential route to recovery.  You can also use counselling, alternative therapies and structured support to achieve the desired result.  One clinic you should contact is Addiction Rehab Toronto; they offer first class service and some of the best treatment plans possible.  More importantly, they believe that every addict needs an individual plan to provide them with the best possible chance of success.

Every addict should be given one to one counselling and group sessions.  These are important to develop an understanding and appreciation for the fact that you are not alone with your addiction.  In fact, it is much more common than you may think.

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The Team

It is important to meet the team who will be supervising your recovery.  You will need to feel comfortable with them and confident that they will provide you with the best possible care and respect you as a person whilst doing so.

Every member of the team should have the necessary experience and qualifications to deal with their part in your recovery.  The better the standard of your care the more likely it is that your recovery will be long term; you do not want to relapse!


A good Toronto drug rehab clinic will have an array of facilities at your disposal.  If you are to be living inside the compound for an extended period of time it is important to focus on new activities.  This will help you to deal with the addiction and provide something for you to focus on after the treatment has been completed.

The best Toronto drug rehab clinics will have relaxation rooms, gyms and even study rooms.  You may even be able to indulge in some gardening!


This is often underrated and yet is perhaps the most important part of the entire process.  The real test of your commitment to staying away from drugs will arise when you return to your old environment.  Instantly you will be back amongst the people who supplied you and took drugs with you; or simply created the situation which ensured you turned to drugs.  These people may profit from your drug taking; as such they will be eager for you to return to form.  The only way to beat this temptation is through having a good support group; this is something that is including in the aftercare package.  The better the aftercare, the more likely it will be that you avoid relapsing.