Food poisoning and its types

Food poisoning and its types

Food poisoning is caused when a certain bacteria or toxins are produced in food making it stale and contaminated. This food should not be eaten because it might cause food poisoning. Food poisoning is also of different types, depending on the conditions of preparation of food. You will notice the symptoms after 48 hours of consumption of food.

Some of these causes are:

  1. Campylobacter enteritis is the most common type of food poisoning symptoms. It is caused when meat is not thoroughly cooked. It is also caused by contaminated water and milk.

 Now you must be thinking how water gets contaminated? The answer is simple if it is not changed or let’s say, stagnant water can develop bacteria. This water can also cause severe food poisoning.

Milk can be contaminated by not boiling it properly.

  1. Cholera is another type of food poisoning which can cause lots of diarrhea. It can be caused by drinking contaminated water or eating raw or uncooked seafood. This type of food poisoning can cause severe dehydration. So always remember to drink lots of fluids especially a mixture of electrolyte solution and water.
  2. coli Enteritis is the most severe type of food poisoning. You have to get quick help and medication as soon as you get diagnosed by this type of poisoning. It can kill you regardless of the medicines and treatment attempts.

It is caused by ground beef and vegetables which were not cleaned properly. Or which were handled by contaminated fingers.

You will experience severe abdominal cramps and blood in stool. This is the food poisoning you don’t want to get.

  1. Listeria can exhaust you both physically and mentally. It can be caused by improper pasteurization of milk and other dairy products, smoked meat or raw seafood. It can cause bad flu and meningitis in both adults and babies.

This type of food poisoning can be caused by contaminated soil as well.

  1. Salmonella is caused by mishandling of poultry. It is caused by eggs, raw meat and other processed chicken parts. It is carried by rodents and pet reptiles. You might want to shoo your pet out of the kitchen to save yourself from this type of food poisoning.

It will cause severe diarrhea and abdominal cramps and possibly, high fever.

  1. Shigellosis attacks the large intestine. It is spread through human waste. Maybe you have not washed your hands properly after washing your poo. This waste can cause some serious food poisoning. So try washing your hands more carefully next time to keep away from this food poisoning.

It can cause severe diarrhea, abdominal cramps and high fever. It is the same as salmonella but the diarrhea is with more blood. It can leave you feeling exhausted and drained out.

These are the important types of food poisoning you should know about. You can ignore these by simply keeping yourself and your surroundings clean because most of them are caused by dirty conditions.