High and Low-Tech Equipment to Treat Cancer

High and Low-Tech Equipment to Treat Cancer

Earth, air, fire, and water are the four elements of the ancients. They are also a convenient lens through which you will see a new world of cancer treatment. Pioneering treatment centres, such as Cancer Treatme ntMexico, are using a range of equipment and technology in order to diagnose cancer in patients.

The four elements refer to the unmeasurable aspects of matter and psyche, their appearance of solidity (earth), connectedness (air), illumination (fire), and fluidity (water). In the four elements system, whatever exists in reality or in the imagination can be viewed as an elemental mixture.

The criticism of the four-element system (or five if you use the Chinese view) is that there are no “elements” we can measure. There is air, but it is not an element. Rather, it is a compound of different gases. This criticism misses the point. Elements were never claimed to be irreducible material things.

Denying the four-element paradigm on the basis of what it never claimed is like denying modern medicine because diseases cannot be measured. People do not experience symptoms because they are inhabited by some disease thing! Cancer cannot be weighed and measured. Its reality is found in the common symptoms of every oncological patient.

Like the elemental qualities of the ancients, cancer doesn’t have clear borders. It implicates and is manifested by the interactions of the immune, genetic, nervous, and digestive systems, acid/alkaline balance, toxic load, previous medical history, environmental and psychological stress levels, and much more. Cancer is more a propensity for unregulated cellular growth than a thing.

Think of the four elements as containers for related sets of phenomena. For centuries, these elementally named containers have inspired high and low-tech healing modalities. Moreover, the four-element system is valuable because it provides an alternate context for treating and preventing the symptoms of cancer.

Remain open to minority viewpoints, they may hold the key to your recovery.

Oh, one last thing. Don’t expect any rigid definitions of what devices and practices fit into what elemental compartments. The point is not the elemental designation but rather the broad vistas opening up on surprising health benefits.


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