India- Economical Place For Hair Transplant

India- Economical Place For Hair Transplant

Hair fall leading to baldness is becoming more common these days, especially with men in their late twenties and early thirties. Apart from genetic or hereditary problem, the machinery lifestyle and unbalanced diet has increased hair loss. Constant pressure and stress at work also contributes to hair fall, and to add to the misery is the poor condition of air pollution. Loosing hair at such a young age can impact one person’s self-confidence.

Markets claim several remedies, but most of them are mere cheating tactics. One procedure that has gained credibility and has proven track record is Hair transplant. With hair transplant people have achieved desired results. The hair transplant procedure costs a lot in the western countries like UK and USA. Hence there is always a look out for less expensive destinations without compromising on the quality of the treatment. In such cases India comes in as the most suitable option.

India is a booming place for Medical Tourism. India has seen a significant development in the medical sector in the recent past. There has been a boom in the number of foreign nationals who visit India for medical treatment and visit the varied tourist attraction India has got to offer. The treatments offered in India are at par with the quality of treatments provided in the western countries and at the same time costs very less. Among the treatments available, hair transplant is one of the most sought-after treatments in India.

Hair transplant in India is in high demand because of few simple reasons, good quality of treatment with experienced Doctors, who use latest technologies available. All these are available at a fraction of cost compared to charges one would incur in other Western Countries. Hair transplant cost in India is one fourth compared to what developed countries like US and UK charge.

Hair Transplant cost in India can be well be explained in terms of cost per graft. There are different types of hospitals and medical centres which provide hair transplant in India. They vary from high end hospitals, mid-level hospitals to normal level hospitals. The cost may vary from the type of hospital one choses and the amities one opts for.

On an average, the cost per graft  under FUE method ranges from US$ 0.7 to $0.77, whereas the same costs up to US$ 10 to US$ 17.00 in the USA. Under FUT method the cost per graft in India is $0.77 to $0.85 whereas the same will cost $3 to $5 in the USA.

The Follicular Unit Exchange (FUE) method is one of the techniques followed for hair transplant in India, in which individual follicular units are taken from the donor site (mostly back and side of the head) and then it is harvested in the recipient area (area of baldness). As individual follicles must be removed and planted this process is time taking and may require long hours of multiple sittings. This type of method can be feasible for less amount of baldness.

In the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), technique, an entire strip of tissuesis removed from the donor site (mostly back side of the head), then the follicles are harvested by experienced medical team and then they are transplanted individually on the recipient area. This type of treatment is effective for advanced stages of hair falling or balding. In India FUT method of treatment is widely performed with latest technology.

In the platelet rich plasma therapy, no surgery is involved, though this is not one of the most sought-after techniques for hair transplant in India.

Many foreign nationals from the west as well as Middle east prefer visiting India for hair transplant for the following reasons:

  • As mentioned earlier, India has seen a significant development in the medical field. With medical tourism becoming one of the booming industry.
  • There is availability of experienced and skilled medical practitioners in abundance.
  • The hospitals have state of the art facility and infrastructure.
  • Indian population themselves suffer from hair loss and have been getting themselves treated in India itself as there is availability of latest technology with good results. There is credibility among the local population.
  • Indian hair transplant institutes maintain high standard protocol of procedures, to avoid, botched up procedures which may lead to a bad reputation for them in the global market, hence all precautions are well taken.
  • The main factor influencing people’s decision is the cost, the cost of hair transplant is just 20-25% of the cost incurred in the western countries like USA and UK.
  • Hair transplant is considered as a good medical tourism option to India, as the procedures are less taxing. After which patients can indulge in travelling across India, which has a variety of tourism options to provide.
  • Communicati on and commuting in India is much easier for foreign nationals, as majority of the population speaks good English, the cities are well connected with public transport facilities like metros, buses and cab services like Uber etc.

Majority of the hair transplant cases have been a success story. It depends upon a person’s level of baldness, type of technique used and how post procedure instructions are followed by the patients. The doctors are available for consultations over the phone as well as online for further follow ups and development tracking.

Hence it can be undoubtedly said that India is one of the most preferred destination for hair transplant, where good quality and standard treatment is provided at very reasonable cost.