Know few facts about Nail Growth

Know few facts about Nail Growth

We are aware that growth of fingernails is slow. The growth of fingernails is faster than toenails. The average rate of growth of nails is about 3mm (0.12 inch) a month. Fingernails need three to six months to regrow while toenails require 12 to 18 months. They are made of a protein called keratin as that of hair. Many reasons are responsible for slow growth of nails such as hormonal changes, medications, improper nail care, health problem etc. Faster nail growth is common among children prior to puberty and during pregnancy. The poor nail growth often results in brittle nails and nail related problems.

For proper growth, a simple home care and a balanced diet are required to maintain a healthy nail growth. People who live in places with high temperature have their nails grow faster. Due to sun, the body can create Vitamin D to help nails grow faster. Nails on the dominant hand, mostly the right hand grow faster. Nails used often and exposed to elements grow quickly. Changes to the color, shape and thickness of the nail can be signs of problems. It is recommended to boost the keratin production by eating foods rich in Vitamin C. One can also visit websites like for healthy nail growth products.

Home care, lifestyle changes and eating habits for nail growth

Olive oil enriched with Vitamin E penetrates into the skin and nourishes the nails. Vitamin E repairs the damaged nails and improves the blood circulation thus promoting healthy growth. Lemon has Vitamin C that boosts up production of collagen and keeps nails strong. Coconut oil moisturizes the nails and keeps it free from infections with antimicrobial properties. Flaxseed oil contains 3 fatty acids and other micronutrients like zinc, protein, magnesium that help to promote nail growth. The high content of biotin in tomatoes makes nails thick and Vitamin A & C makes it healthy. Practice good nail maintenance at home.

Good blood circulation helps to grow nails faster. Do exercise and use hands a lot- from cooking to knitting to make blood flow and nails grow. Gardening, playing tennis, weight lifting can improve blood circulation. Take more vacations in the south as people who live in places with hot summers and mild winters have faster nails growth. Protect your hands from cold winter to keep nails away from getting brittle. Nails are made of protein so include proteins rich foods to your diet such as fish, spinach, eggs to build strong nails. Get plenty of Vitamin D, C & A to ensure growing nails.

Tips to be followed for healthy nail growth

Do not expose the nails to harsh chemicals and wear gloves while cleaning to protect nails from getting damaged. Always keep nails cuticles clean and dry to prevent nail infections. Do not bite nails as this makes nail brittle and weak. Expose hands to sunlight to get Vitamin D for faster growth. Apply moisturizer to nails before bedtime to keep it moisturized. In case of any nail infection, contact a doctor immediately. Always use a nail strengthening nail polish. Avoid using the nail polish that contains toluene, formaldehyde and never use it continuously as it may cause fungal infection.