Know More about Post-Cycle-Treatment

Know More about Post-Cycle-Treatment

Steroid cycles and stacking are both well known to the public today. But the concept of post cycle treatment (PCT) is not so familiar yet. In fact, it is alien to many. Most individuals only trifle with anabolic steroids for acquiring an athletic physique. They tend to forget most of the times that steroids are synthetic compounds that do not work without side effects. Synthetic supplements of hormones suppress the natural production of the respective hormones in the body. This is when the concept of post cycle treatment ducks in.

Post cycle treatment is the practice of using certain compounds or methods to lower the side effects faced by the user after repeated cycles of supplements. There are various online sources that are trying to convince the public for using post cycle treatments. According to Steroidio, Winstrol can be used for effective PCT cycles. Several research studies have revealed that synthetic testosterone interferes with the natural functioning between hypothalamus, pituitary and the gonads. This interorgan signaling is imperative for proper hormone secretions in the body. It is therefore recommended that the users indulge in PCT cycles to restore the endogenous secretions of hormones.

How does PCT work?

Post cycle therapy operates in two phases. First, it triggers the innate levels of the androgen testosterone in the body. At the next level, it functions to curb the estrogen production. Conversion of testosterone to estrogen is a natural process in the body. When the person takes testosterone supplements in huge amounts, the body enzymes aromatize it into estrogen.

Steroid treatments even cause shrinkage of testes which are brought back to their normal size during PCT. After which the next concern is to protect the hypothalamus and pituitary gland from the bad effect of estrogen.


Most effective plan

A number of drugs like tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex), selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM), clomiphene citrate (Clomid) serve as the best options. However, one should be aware that PCT serves no purpose when the off cycle is very short. The entire purpose goes in vain because PCT is endured only for restoring the body functions back to normal. The aim is to keep prolonged off cycles such that the drugs get enough time for action. Otherwise, it is only an added stress to the body. Also, once the PCT drugs have taken care of all the side effects the process has to be stopped and the natural conditions of the body are restored.


It is quite ironic that people are ready to spend a huge sum on steroid cycles but are heavily reluctant to spend even half of it on their own health.  PCT is just a small effort that can be taken for restoring health. One should never forget that health comes first and one should never compromise with it. According to Steroidio, if the person does not practice post cycle treatment he/she might as well never recover completely from the side effects of repeated steroid cycles. Sometimes, there are also some risks of impotence owing to the influence of steroids on the gonads. Therefore it is recommended that a proper PCT is implemented to preserve the homeostasis of the body.