Natural Ways to Get Rid of Gas and Bloating

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Gas and Bloating

Passing gas is a normal aspect of our body and life. A person passes gas several times in a day, which is common. But when this gas doesn’t expel out or you are unable to do that then you can feel discomfort, bloating and pain in your abdomen. Overeating, smoking, junk foods, stress, and chewing gums can be responsible for gas and bloating.

Doing small positive changes in your regular diet can solve this problem. Add high protein and fiber food into your diet; avoid junk and oily food, eat green vegetables and beans, lentils regularly. But if these changes don’t help you in such way, then you must go for some natural ways to get rid of Gas and bloating:-

Warm Water:

Drinking hot water after your meal can be a good method to get rid of gas and bloating. Warm water helps to digest tour appetite and improves digestion. As well as it is a fine remedy for reducing constipation. Drink warm water slowly whenever you feel gas and bloating, you can also add some lime juice for flavor.



Yogurt is an effective remedy for treating gas and bloating. Try to eat yogurt in your daily meal. It soothes your abdomen and its good bacteria’s are good for intestine.

Lime juice:

Lemon juice included acidic properties which is highly effective for reducing gas and bloating recommended by here. Add half of lemon juice into half glass of water and slowly drink this water, you can repeat this process once or two times in a day.

Apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is the package for treating many diseases and body issue and gas and bloating is one of them. Many studies had been proven that people who take apple cider vinegar daily have less gastric problems. Add two or three tbsp of apple cider vinegar in 1 glass of lukewarm water and drink it slowly after meal regularly.



Ginger is a magical herb and so always tries to use ginger in your dishes as much as possible. You can simply chew some fresh ginger, whenever feel like bloating, or mince some fresh ginger and boil it into 1 cup of water, and drank this slowly like you drink tea. It will reduce your gas and improve digestion system.



Many researchers have proved that peppermint is very helpful for relieving bloating and gas. Take some peppermint after your meal.

Deep Breathing:

Deep breathing is also a good way for reducing gas and bloating, but you must do it on regular basis. Sit comfortably straight and take deep breath slowly, and your daily practice can gives you many benefits of deep breathing.


If you feel like bloating and gas then do not sit at one place try to move here and there. A walking is a fine way to expel the gas out; if you feel shy then you can have a walk outside of your house; expelling gas is the natural way of body.