Oxandrolone and the effects of cutting cycle

Oxandrolone and the effects of cutting cycle

Over a period of time when fitness paved ways to further step ahead leading to body building and related sport gaining more and more popularity, the necessity to tame the body to extreme level became an inevitable requirement. And on a long run to stay on the top or just to reach that ultimate phase of the competition the need for the “extra” other than a vigorous workouts and diet plans became a common part of game. Ultimately the use of steroids started way back, but the consumption rate had drastically increased from a decade and popularly in demand among men and women equally who dream a perfect chiseled body. One such drug that is popular among the bodybuilders are Oxandrolone which is a synthetic, orally active anabolic androgenic steroid commonly marketed under the brand name Anavar.

The benefits of the drug

Anavar is one of the legal alternative of steroids that improves the strength and imparts the required energy for training and It is also considered one of the best when comes to cutting cycle. Oxandrolone was used to help people gain weight particularly during some medical conditions like injury and burn. Hence improvising the properties the use of these drugs started in the non-medical arenas like bodybuilding, where the main function of Oxandrolone is to promote muscle gain size or mass. The changes a person anticipating can be seen normally within 8 week cycle results depending on various factors like the training regime, diet plan along with the proper and prescribed dosage of Anavar and of course the gender, age and the genetics do matter to some extent.

People who should not use Anavar

However, in order to attain fast result and in urge to be more supreme, people tend to abuse or overdose the steroid, neglecting the dosage prescribed and it is then the side effects comes in to picture. Some of the most common side effects that came in to notice are vomiting, hair loss, nausea, unusual tiredness. But it is strictly not advisable to consume Anavar if the person is allergic to any ingredients involved with these particular drugs. Also it is not recommended if the person is suffering from any medical conditions like high blood pressure, undergoing kidney treatment or a diabetic patient. The use of this drug is a strict no to the person who is pregnant and should avoid Anavar if the person is breast feeding. From the experience of some of the former bodybuilder it is noted that abuse of the drug had caused a decrease in the testosterone level and caused hypo gonadal symptoms.

The prolonged use of the drug even cause organ damage and can lead to other conditions that may hamper the health in a long run. Thus a proper check on the dosage along with proper physical activity combined with proper diet is very essential when it comes to steroid intake. Some other factor that needs to take care is that the use of Anavar or for that matter any steroids can develop a need to continue taking the drug, which is commonly known as dependence and if the person stop taking the drug suddenly may cause withdrawal symptoms like depression and insomnia. Although Anavar is regarded as the safest steroid available legally, it is always better to play safe.