Podiatry Facts: A Closer Look to Podiatry

Podiatry Facts: A Closer Look to Podiatry

Most, if not all people probably know that Podiatrist specializes in taking care of our feet, diagnose and treat any foot problems, either surgically or medically. This professional treats numerous different foot problems including but is not limited to ulcer, deformities, nail diseases, and fractures.

However, what is known about them and about feet is probably only the tip of an iceberg.  There are a lot of interesting things you might want to discover about our feet. You can learn more from Podiatry in Sydney like ModPod Podiatry. Below is a compilation of facts about Podiatrist and feet you may be glad to know.

  • Before they are able to put their knowledge and skills into practice, a podiatrist need to complete college education (around 4000 hours), pass the state and national examination, and must acquire a license.
  • To treat foot ailments, Podiatrists can either prescribe drugs, perform surgery or do physical therapy. They even create custom-made shoes.
  • Around 23% of Podiatrist are self-employed. Some works in private while the other doctors choose to be employed by Federal Government.
  • Some podiatrists specialize in tumors in the soft tissue, work with Plantar Fasciitis, and perform Cryosurgery, x-rays and diabetic foot examinations. There are also those who offer in-office ultrasound and a lot more.
  • The human foot has 26 bones, which are connected by ligaments. The bones form 2 perpendicular arches. These arches typically meet the floor or ground only at the foot’s ball and heel and are unique to human beings.
  • Though often overlook, our feet are the first part of our body that shows symptoms of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis.
  • Women are likely to have foot ailment 4 times as many as men. This is partially caused by wearing high-heeled shoes. A 2 and a half inch of high heel can possibly increase the forefoot’s load by 75%
  • For fun facts, the podiatry field can sometimes become smelly. This is because our foot has two hundred and fifty thousand sweat glands.
  • Trim the nails on your toe straight across using clippers that are particularly designed for that use. Also, leave them a bit longer than your toes’ tips.
  • If you are going to shop for shoes, consider doing the shopping in the afternoon. Our feet usually tend to swell a bit during daytime and it is always better to purchase footwear that fits your slightly swollen feet. Every time you buy shoes, consider measuring your feet. You have to stand when getting your feet’s measurement. Moreover, when you try on footwear, do not try on just one foot because most individuals have one foot bigger than the other.

The mentioned facts are just some of the facts you might find interesting. If you want to know more, contact ModPod Podiatry – a foot specialist Sydney today. These experts won’t only share podiatry and foot related facts that could save a life.  They can also provide immediate foot ailment treatment and help you get your foot health back to excellent.



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