Steroid mild dosages and uses

Steroid mild dosages and uses

Steroids are mostly classified to have the anabolic or androgenic effect that gives required gains as necessary for the user. However, not all steroids have a high effect on the user. There are steroids that give minimum impact with lesser side effects to the user. As most of the high strength steroids can be used by most of the men users, many women and children are at high risk in using these products. Hence it is advisable to use a milder dosage that would have less anabolic effects and have lesser side effects on the user.

Anavar – the safest drug for women

Anavar is one such drug that is claimed to be safest for women. This drug contains very less anabolic effect and hence the side effects it can cause is also said to be very minimal. This drug is also called Oxandrolone and is manufactured and available in many countries. This drug is mainly recommended for some medical condition in children and used by women for prevention of osteoporosis. This drug is also helpful in gaining strength by stimulating the synthesis of phosphocreatine in the cells of muscle tissues without causing many side effects. Due to its milder effects, this drug is said to have very less impact on the user and is marked as low-risk drug in this range. Average users are said to be taking 40 mg of Anavar for weight gain. This will not bring tremendous weight gain or stunned growth in children and is safe when used within prescribed limits. This sis a legal alternative medication that can be used by many when used as prescribed. This substance does not break down fat hence cannot be used in cutting cycle alone. But this acts as an appetite suppressant and hence helps users in not taking additional fat that will help them gain weight.

Dosages and recommendations for weight gain

Mostly, Anavar is supposed to be used with other products for effective results. The ideal and safest dosage for women is 10-15mg per day. When taken with other drugs, the dosages might differ. For instance, when taken with Holotestin 20-30mg is required this will give users a hard cut muscle look. Similarly, when taken with Clenbuterol with dosage as 120-140mcg per day users achieve better results. So, likely the dosages will vary according to the users need and stacking preferences. So users will have to be careful about their stacking choice and usage purpose.

Who can use Anavar and what is the best cycle

As implied, Anavar is mild and best for women. The best cycle is to use a drug for particular weeks starting with a low dosage. Then gradually increasing in small quantities to see if the body takes this medicine without any effects. Taking 40mg of Anavar for weight gain is the average dosage recommended by physicians. But many users combine this with other stacking options available and hence the dosage increases. Any alterations in dosage cycles or stacking options should be reviewed and discussed with the doctor and see if your body can take it. Hence this is the safest drug when used as per recommendations.