The Beginner’s Guide – Right Steroids for Building Muscle and Mass

The Beginner’s Guide – Right Steroids for Building Muscle and Mass

Choosing the right type of steroids that will suit you and give desired results can be a daunting task. This article provides answers to certain queries and also necessary information about the steroids.

Get to know the Steroids

Steroids are synthetically obtained chemical compounds that mimic the health functions of the body and increases protein synthesis. Out of all types of steroids, anabolic steroids are mostly preferred by athletes’, sportsmen and celebrities.

Steroids must be taken under professional guidance. You can take clinical help from your gym trainer or sports physician. Moreover, you should always remember that steroids abuse can even be dangerous to your health. So, it is advised not to overdo dosages.

Cutting and bulking steroids

Before choosing a steroid that is right for you, you must decide if you need a lean body or a bulky body. This is the initial deciding factor that will help in choosing the right steroids. You can also mix and match both the type of steroids in a particular cycle. Cutting steroids will no doubt cut down on your body fat. However, you will need bulking steroids to increase the muscle strength and stamina.

How steroids originated?

Steroids are mainly derived from human growth hormone and male testosterone hormone. These chemical compounds drastically increase the ATP function and protein synthesis within the cells. Needless to say testosterone hormones are already present in males.

You will be surprised to know that even female fitness models and fitness enthusiasts take testosterone hormone supplements. However, to reduce the chances of side effects, you can choose anabolic steroids. These steroids act slowly, but steadily. You can take them both in tablet form or in injection form. To get best results you must follow a proper diet.

Anabolic steroids stay longer

There are numerous effects of anabolic steroids. They take a longer time to metabolize and stay for months in your system. While the effect of most of the steroids for body building is depleted within two to four weeks, anabolic steroids are here for a long stay. They also enhance the body temperature and increase the basal metabolic rate. Supervision by doctors is required when taking anabolic steroids.


It is advised to buy steroids from a reputed brand. Follow a strict and healthy life style in order to get fast results. Also, take the right dosage to avoid any side effects.