The beneficial extracts from the Coleus plant Indian

The beneficial extracts from the Coleus plant Indian

The Coleus plant Indian or the Coleus forskohlii plant was mainly used in traditional medicines in Southeast Asian countries, mainly India. It was then used to treat many health issues. But after it was found that the extracts of the tuberous roots of the plant is also helpful in fat loss in the body, fitness industry started taking notice of the plant. Today, many pills are made from the plant extracts, especially using the forskohlii compound.

Benefits of Coleus plant Indian extracts

The Indian coleus plant was mainly grown in India and even in East Africa. In India, the plant was used in the Ayurveda medicine system which is actually a centuries-old medicine practice which still continues. It was forskolin which is a compound present in the extracts that has great fat loss properties. Today, you will find the plant in many counties but in most parts, it is planted as an ornamental plant but now that its beneficial properties are revealed, more are taking notice of the humble plant.


The references to the plant have been found in texts in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language and that proves that the plant was used as medicines even centuries ago. It had multiple uses such as for treating sleeplessness, heart problems and even lung disorders.

Though a crucial part of traditional medicines, it was only in the 1970s that the plant made its way into modern medicine. Modern researchers were curious to know its impact on cardiovascular organs and their health. Ever since, the plant has been a subject of various studies and many clinical as well as human studies have been conducted.

The extracts were used to treat heart conditions and even high blood pressure.  It is also helpful in curing many types of skin conditions. It is also helpful in weight management and controlling obesity.

These extracts are available in pill form today and it can be used to treat many conditions including bladder infections, irritable bowel syndrome, urinary tract infection and so on. The pill is also helpful in lowering the discomfort caused by menstrual cramps.

The pill forms of Coleus plant Indian extracts

Of course, it is not possible for everyone to have a plant in their houses and then extract juices from it. That is why, today, pills made from the extracts of Coleus plant Indian are available. Since there are many types of supplements available that go by the name of Forskolin, it is important you buy the right ones to get desired results. You need to buy products that guarantee 95% purity at least.

You can get Forskolin pills, tablets, capsules and even liquid and powder.  Read the label before you make the purchase. It will list active as well as inactive components of the product. The label should also have different instructions clearly regarding the usage and the right time to take it. Some weight loss supplements work better when taken before meals, while there are some that are best taken after meals.