The importance of keeping restaurant kitchens clean

The importance of keeping restaurant kitchens clean

Grease and oil can be rather gross elements when they are left to dirty up an establishment. There is nothing worse than looking into a restaurant’s kitchen or walking outside the establishment itself and noticing that it is quite filthy because of all the cooking fat and lard that might have caked up across some of its sinks and drains. While they can clean this regularly, they need the help of external equipment to ensure that they are not negatively affecting the environment and the surroundings around them. That’s when things like ‘green’ globes and other longer lasting elements come into play for the future.

Acting soon

One way to get this sort of practice and mentality underway sooner rather than later is with a commercial grease trap installation. It will go a long way in catching a lot of the oil and grime that is often lost down the sink – and left to run and do all sorts of ugly things to the environment. While it might be possible to equip the eatery with this yourself, it is best to get a professional to put it in properly. They will do a sound job and be able to take care of all the smaller details you might not have thought of when undertaking to do it yourself.

Responsibility of the staff

The chefs and the waiters, the other service staff and the barmen – they all need to know collectively and individually that the grease trap needs to be monitored in part. While it doesn’t have to have sole focus all the time, it will need to be cleaned out every now and then so that its main purpose is not hindered by a lack of care and upkeep. It might even be worth appointing one or two people to tend to it when it needs tending to. Therefore, there can be no blame games, so to speak, if or when a check up or check in is missed by this or that person.


Remember, there is always new movement in technology, and the trap that you have in place now might not be up to date enough to keep up with the demands of the cooking business. So stay informed and ask around about the changes and the tweaks. Whoever installed it in the beginning should take it upon themselves to notify you of possible changes, so that you are not left in the dark and with potentially faulty and out of date equipment. If this is the case, it could become a big problem soon. Do yourself a favour by taking it upon yourself to understand the updates, get in on the industry news and be the first to ask the right questions when the time is correct to do so. Perhaps you will get a discount with your next installation if you use the same company that did the first set-up several years back. If not, they might throw in cheaper or free servicing for you from here on in.


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