The Triturating Juicers: Understanding How They Work

The Triturating Juicers: Understanding How They Work

The triturating juicer, which is also acknowledged as the twin gear juicer, works following a principle of rubbing, crushing or pounding into a fine pulp. In the case of fluid extraction, it operates in such a way that it grinds vegetables or fruits while it extracts the fine juice with nutrients and enzymes that naturally occur in them.The twin juice extractor works with two augers that internally revolve leaving a very tiny space of about 0.1 mm that allows the blending and crushing of produce into pulp as it gets the fresh juice out. This way, the cell membrane of the yield gets torn open as the fresh juice is collected.


Some advantages of using the triturating juicers

Unlike the single auger juicers, the twin auger juicers produce more fluid because they thoroughly blend the fruits and vegetables leaving behind very water less pulp.  However, this is not the lone benefit that one can derive from their use – you can visit website to learn more.

  • In comparison to the centrifugal juicers, the twin auger juice extractors work in a more silent manner. They are not noisy, which means you wouldn’t have to worry about waking up your baby or neighbors’ when making your early morning juice.
  • The enzymes from your produce are preserved because the twin auger juicers run at a low speed, which eliminates the possibility of oxidation.
  • You can be sure of getting all the nutrients and phytochemicals from your fruits and vegetables because of the extraction process of the twin auger juicer tears the cell membranes of the produce open.
  • For juice that can be kept in the refrigerator for close to three days, you can trust on the extraction done by a twin auger juicer because the produce given is stable.
  • The richness and the concentration in the taste of the juice you get would be higher compared to that from the single gear juicers.
  • Versatility becomes an assured feature when you use the twin gear juicers because it can take all kinds of produce at the same time – celery, ginger (tough vegetables); barley grass, wheatgrass, other grassy plants, apples and various other berries.
  • The twin auger juicers are made with high- quality materials, which make them come with additional technical functions.
  • As if the possibility of taking on different kind of fruits and vegetables isn’t enough, the twin gear juicers can be used as grinders, mincers, bread stick, homogenize and lots more.

However, it is almost impossible for a product to have so many benefits without a single demerit. We will also look into the demerits of the twin auger juicers.

Disadvantages of the twin auger juicers

The greatest demerits seen so far in the twin auger juice extractors – aside from the slow speed and increase in size – are related to their forces.

So, if you are new to juicing, it might not be so advisable to go for the twin auger juicers. It is better to go for something less luxurious like the single auger or centrifugal juicers. This is because it wouldn’t be wise getting a juicer with such power if most of the features would become redundant. But for a regular juicer that requires a larger quantity and frequent juicing, this disadvantage does not exist.