Two Things You Can Look Forward To At A Destination Spa Retreat

Two Things You Can Look Forward To At A Destination Spa Retreat

If you are thinking of planning a spa vacation, make sure that you find one that offers several different ways to relax.  Sure, you could get a facial and a massage, but these physical remedies may not completely reduce your stress. You might need, for example, a way to uncloud your thinking so you can solve a particular problem or be more friendly to co-workers or clients.  In many cases, the relaxation we really need is not physical, but mental and emotional.

When you plan to visit Euro-spa destination spa, then, you should look into a combination of the following services:


Obviously it is a good idea to get a relaxing massage while you are attending your spa getaway.  Massage is one of the fastest ways to release tension in the body so that you can relieve pain, get better sleep, think more clearly, and simply feel better, overall.  There are many different kinds of massage, though, so it would help to either do a little investigating to find the ones that will serve your needs best; or you could simply ask the practitioner what they feel would best serve you.

Massage modalities that might be available could include:

    • Swedish Massage
    • Deep Tissue Massage
    • Lymph Drainage Massage
    • Reflexology Massage
    • Trigger Point Massage


Meditation is also not one of those “one-size-fits-all” approaches.  Sure, for the most part, all forms of meditation can help you to achieve a certain level of relaxation and clarity, but there are many different types of meditation which might better suit your particular situation.

Meditation styles that might be available could include:

    • Primordial Sound Meditation—humming or repeating a sound/mantra in order to focus your attention on a single thought, somewhat shutting out your physical awareness to increase comfort and relaxation
    • Mindfulness Meditation—focused breathing as a means to align the processes of the body on the way to more complete relaxation
    • Zen Meditation—taken from Buddhism, this emphasizes enlightenment and personal expression through Buddhist teachings
    • Transcendental Meditation—instead of a single sound, this form might use a series of words as a mantra to assist in singular focus and breath.